The mouth

The mouth Farewell.

An instant smykaniye of lips with a gap, kiss.

Exercises for language Mother baked pancakes.

To put wide language on a lower lip so that it edges concerned mouth corners.

To hold it in the quiet, weakened state under the account to five ten.

Mother baked pies with a different stuffing.

The mouth is open, lips in a smile.

To put wide language on a lower lip.

To lift and curtail into a tubule language pie with cabbage.

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On the ranch

On the ranch Powerful flow of tactile and vestibular incentives overcame my aspiration to avoid any irritations.

I could not resist it.

Then some time I felt safe but is very short.

On the ranch there was no Surprise, but there were horses on whom it is possible to jump to exhaustion, and hard physical work.

On the ranch I bothered all with talk on the Room of Illusions.

Again and again I told the aunt Ann as cunning it arranged corners as I fought against this riddle and as at last Mr.

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E. Karelskaya

E. Karelskaya Repeat after me charging.

In it the sound of T came to a bed Pumpkin here, and here a tomato.

Here cabbage, here salad, Caraway seeds, potato, artichoke And parsley back.

Everything that we grew up, We will eat till spring.


Karelskaya Exercises for neck muscles.

Work on breath We look out for cucumbers.

To extend a neck a breath a mouth.

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The plane

The plane On the river the steamship.

By steamship went, To the mountain reached.

The steamship is not lucky.

It is necessary to get into the plane.

The plane flies, In it the motor hoots: Uuu!


Tokmakova Imitation of a driving on the scooter.

Scooter, scooter, To the scooter it is very glad.

Itself I roll, itself I roll The scooter where I want.

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Mischa and Natasha. Brother

Mischa and Natasha. Brother I hear the boy, to him years sixteen.

I hear the girl, she has less.

Mischa and Natasha.

Brother and sister.

They sit on a shop near the house and argue.

Or do not argue?


Mischa, what such love?


I read: the love is an aspiration of heart to heart.


The love is when anybody do not see around, except it.


No, the love is when see and love all.


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